How it works


  1. Choose a postcard
    If you want to send a postcard from Hawaii you first have to choose your desired postcard. We offer standard cards, vintage cards and mulimedia cards.

  2. Write message and address
    Fill in your desired message and the recipient's address. After that you can choose if the ink color should be blue or black and if you like us to send a control card to you. Please fill in your email address so so that we can send you the order and mailing confirmation.

  3. Payment and order
    The payment is easy, fast and safe because you can pay via PayPal. Just press the button "pay now", log in to your existing PayPal account, sign up for a new one or just fill in your credit card details without logging in. After that we will send a confirmation email to you, hand write Postcard from Hawaii and post it as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours).